When Something Is For You… A Life-Changing Poem to Choose Right.

What to choose? Am I doing the right thing? Is this thing or person for me? We all have many signs telling us what’s best for us, but how can we actually see and understand them?

Life is confusing, and society is even more confusing for many of us upon our desire to attract what we believe we deserve. We always get caught on autopilot with things like work, decisions, sickness and situations we didn’t want any part of.

But there are signs or “universal rules” we can follow in many situations to be aware of the things and people that are meant to be for us.

These sentences by Alex Elle might be all you need to find the right choice.

When something is for you

When something is for you, it will bring clarity and alignment to your life, not chaos and confusion.

When something is for you, it will not run or hide or avoid being yours. You do not have to chase after anything or anyone.

When something is for you, you won’t feel the need to beg, convince or force. Things will feel easeful, grounded and safe.

When something is for you, it will not make you question or second guess your worth. Instead, it will remind you how worthy and loved you truly are.

When something is for you, it will feel healthy and supportive, not toxic and destructive.

When something is for you, you’ll know. Stop ignoring the signs. Release what needs to be released so that you can receive what has to be received.

Hopefully, these words will help you realise that we attract the things meant for us. Some people are there for a season to give our life a lesson.

Don’t obsess about bringing along people who were meant for just a season, they fulfilled their purpose. Grow, move on and follow the next signs.

Ironically, those lost people, missed opportunities and important things that are meant to be with us will appear in front of us again if we have to cross paths with them.