Curious about the Quantum House?

The Minimalist Quantum House shown in my book has been a topic of question for many people who told me about how its design inspired them.

In Chapter 3 of Quantum Behaviours, I share a few pictures from a house built in the most minimalist way possible. Here you can see all of the images related to it in full colour. Even though the house is visible and easy to appreciate in the pictures printed in the book, with colour, it gains an entirely new understanding and beauty.

Scroll down to the bottom to find many pictures of this incredible place!

The House's Background

Needless to say, this house is extremely spacious, the main goal was to create a well-ventilated home with plenty of indoor plants that would provide a mixed feeling between relaxation and relieve pressure from the reduced space. This unique Salem house also features many playgrounds for kids (since the couple had a 4 years old daughter at the time of the construction) to play and explore independently. Plus, parents can have their private time together simply on a higher floor while seeing if their children are ok.

Within its design, they used light colours to create a feeling of spaciousness, and its airiness is nothing new in the world of architecture and design, yet uncommon in private houses. However, the application of this principle to create an elegant home is something that deserves closer attention. In this project, the architect used white as the main colour tone, blending grey and wood colours to create a more refined look and, once finished, elevating the final outcome with wood and nature within the interior design. The simple and neatly designed interior items also help the space to feel wider and airier.

Together, these elements come together to create a house that is both stylish and comfortable.

KTS Story Architecture (the team behind this incredible place) designed a house with the lack of a partition between the kitchen and the backyard to create an interesting spatial connection. Therefore, when cooking or eating, homeowners would feel as comfortable as in a garden restaurant. The corridor connects the two rooms to break the feeling of being bored by the handrail’s railing.

The architects also created a green patch to cover the railing and makes use of it as a playground for the baby. This design is not only helpful for the baby but also for theoretical research writing. It is important to have different parts of the house to offer separate functions so that one part of the house is not overused. KTS Story Architecture thought of this when they created their design and it seems like now, many people can rent the place and enjoy a few days in it!

Enjoy the pics! :D